The Papermain Story

Hi! My name is Nan and I am a marketing professional and DIY aficionado from Vancouver, Canada.
My love for crafting started in childhood when my art supplies were mainly colored construction paper and scented markers. During those early days, I would call my creations “Nanmark Cards,” a play on the widely known Hallmark brand. As the years went by I became more experienced and learned how to score, foil and use desktop design tools. I learned about the quality of paper and adopted quirky puns and my favorite musical lyrics as captions. I often made cards for friends and coworkers (some who still own Nanmark Cards circa 2002!) and as time went by they slowly began to ask me to make cards to give to others. After some consistent encouragement, I decided to take my work to Etsy and in April 2016...Papermain was born!

At first, all the cards were designed, printed and foiled by myself (with some help from my husband) in our cozy Vancouver apartment. However, over time the growth in orders led us to seek some high quality printers for our designs. This also allowed us to be more colorful with our artwork and have a greater variety in cardstock. So far, this has been such an amazing journey. We are so overwhelmed with the amount of support from family, friends and the Etsy community and are excited to see where else our creativity can take us!